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About us

Our brand is the story our clients tell

EPSA Servicios Estratégicos SA de CV is a Mexican company with more than 14 years of experience dedicated to development and implementation of information technology as an ally for the strategic management of companies.

The project manager is created to report time spent and expenses



Development of the project management tool for reporting time spent and expenses.

Utilizando Keycard


Attendance and punctuality control is established.

Papeles de colores


A document manager tool is created to control the service proposals for clients.

Agente de Atención al cliente


Ticket system control is created for the technical support area.

Diseño de logo


The BrumBee brand is registered on the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property and the National Institute of Copyright.



Executive information graphs and boards are created for BrumBee Human, Projects and Services.

Equipo de Desarrollo de inicio


A backoffice is created, so clients can manage the assignment of licenses and their monthly cost.


BrumBee Finance is created to manage the issuance of invoices and accounts receivable.


BrumBee Taxes is reingeneered according to the new rules of electronic invoicing.


BrumBee NOM is created adressing the need for a tool to allow clients to comply with the management of NOM-035, and succesfully pass checks and revisions performed by the Ministry of Labor.


Digital signature is incorporated in compliance with NOM-151.

All eight products of the BrumBee Suite: Human, NOM, Projects, Finance, Services, Documents, Measure and Taxes & Control, are integrated on the cloud.

Our team

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